On Aug. 5, 2013, Re: Vocal Cord Cancer, Sy wrote:

I originally posted just over a few months back after receiving news of a biopsy on my vocal cord being a T1 SCC Tumour. I’m 30 and generally healthy and do not smoke. It was suggested I have radiation or laser surgery. BUT it would have a lasting effect on my voice. I was hesitant. I started the Budwig diet as soon as I was diagnosed. I did the Flax Oil/Cottage Cheese only once a day for breakfast and cut out caffeine, sugar, most meat and adopted a natural diet. I won’t lie, I slipped up once a week with a biscuit here and there but had lots of organic veggies, made juices here and there and had lots of fruit. Last Thursday I visited ENT again. It was confirmed that NO CANCER was found in the second biopsy done. Now, I am still very surprised at the outcome. I can’t ignore that Budwig has helped if not cured.   Best, Sy