Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and expert on fats and oils, originally proposed the Budwig Protocol in 1952. Dr. Budwig held doctorates in chemistry and physics. She is best known for her extensive research on the properties and benefits of flaxseed oil combined with sulfur proteins found in quark & cottage cheese. Over 50 years she published a number of books on the subject and worked with terminal cancer patients, healing them with her natural protocol of nutrition, sunlight, ELDI oils and stress reduction.

She discovered that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in certain important essential ingredients which included substances called phosphatides and lipoproteins, while the blood of a healthy person always contains sufficient quantities of these essential ingredients. She found that when these natural ingredients were replaced through the use of the essential fatty acids and electrons in cold-pressed flaxseed oil and a diet of fresh health-giving foods and sunlight, tumors gradually receded, weakness and anemia disappeared and life energy was restored. Symptoms of cancer, heart & liver dysfunction, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases were alleviated and eliminated.

Dr. Budwig developed an all-natural way for people to regain their health even when they were diagnosed as being terminally ill. At the core of her protocol is a combination of two natural foods, organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil & quark or cottage cheese, which when fully blended and bonded together create a new food as the sulfur proteins in the cheese make the oil water soluble allowing the body to easily assimilate it into the smallest capillaries and into the cells, restoring oxygen absorption and healthy cell function.

Dr. Budwig worked with cancer patients, many terminal, over a 50 year period and had a 90% success rate when other medical efforts failed. She was very active, seeing patients and lecturing until she was 93, then passed away after an accident in 2003.

The typical diet of industrialized countries is filled with damaging foods and fats as well as other disease-causing substances. Omega 3 oils with their essential fatty acids are healing to the body, but animal fats, trans-fats, hydrogenated fats and the many processed foods that contain them can be damaging. These damaging fats, foods and substances [chemicals, tobacco, preservatives, cane sugar, white flour] must be eliminated from the diet of a person who has developed cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases.

In her book, “Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases,”available on Amazon, Dr. Budwig wrote, “A surprisingly high number of correlations between fatal diseases and the metabolism of fats have been discovered… Solid fats which are not water-soluble and cannot associate with protein are no longer capable of circulating through the fine capillary networks. The blood thickens and circulation problems arise. In various studies, the only substance which characterized the cancerous cells, as opposed to healthy ones, was isolated fat. When living tissue rejects some fats, the body isolates them – and this is the crux – and deposits them in places where fats are not normally found.”

So, unhealthy fats can cause tumors and healthy fats can dissolve tumors, depending on the kind of fat it is. Dr. Budwig wrote, “I succeeded in proving that those protein substances…found in quark or cottage cheese…are able to make water soluble the biological highly unsaturated flaxseed oil.”

Flaxseed oil contains a high amount of omega 3 essential fatty acids. These EFA’s help form and repair the membrane of every cell – carcinogens can attach themselves to unhealthy cell membranes. Dr. Budwig wrote, “Those highly unsaturated fats are, essentially, rich in electrons. This is clearly measurable, physically. These electrons enable fats to be surface-active at capillary level. Capillary activity is, quite simply, enormously important… for all the vital functions, for the secretion of mucous, for the capillary activity of both the blood, the lymph fluid and also for excretion through the bladder and intestines.” “…highly unsaturated fatty acids play a decisive role in the
respiratory functioning of the body…Cell life is dependent on the functioning of the unsaturated fats in the membrane, the external skin of the cell…carcinogens attach themselves to parts of the cell…”

Ingesting an unsaturated omega 3 surface-active fat, such as flaxseed oil, made water-soluble by being blended thoroughly with cottage cheese, re-activates the vital functions when taken along with a healthy diet of organic fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, grains, and vegetable juices as well as avoiding all processed and damaging foods. This combination, along with sunlight therapy, allows the body to become healthy again, sometimes quite rapidly, even for terminal patients.

Dr. Budwig healed many terminal cancer patients in the 50 years that she practiced medicine and people are still being healed by her protocol. Please see our testimonials on this website.