About Us

The Making Of!

Budwig-Videos.Com is a labor of love, a commitment to helping others with their health challenges by creating an easier way for more people to learn how to understand and begin the Budwig diet. When I started this project I had no idea how difficult making "simple" videos would be. My son, Steve, is a remodeling contractor in San Francisco and is very busy with his own work but was willing to help me with this project after I learned how expensive videographers [even student videographers] are. After doing a great deal of research, we realized that the most cost-effective way to create the videos was to buy our own equipment [2 cameras, microphone/audio system, lights & a Mac computer for editing].

Video CameraWe then began writing scripts, rehearsing and shooting videos ourselves. After our first couple videos took us 25 hours to write, shoot and edit, we realized that we absolutely had to hire an editor to help speed up the process. Even with the assistance of a professional editor, it has taken us about 14+ hours per video to create and complete each one. I've learned from professionals that this amount of time is not unusual. We also hired a company to help build this website to accommodate the videos and related Budwig information and we are now actively managing the site.

We're happy to donate so much of our time to Budwig-Videos.com. Our inspiration comes from the testimonials of so many people who have been helped by the Budwig Protocol. We want others to be able to easily and accurately follow this healing plan should they need to and we are confident that the videos and information we’re providing on this site will help to simplify the learning process. Please join us in our efforts to provide this information to as many people as possible and help those in need to benefit from this healing diet and lifestyle. We greatly appreciate your financial support.

I began studying Dr. Budwig's books and articles in 2005 when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I have researched and written about healing cancer the Budwig way almost daily since then. My sister is doing well now. Having taught college and corporation classes and programs, I like helping others.

Steve OlsonThis is my view when we're shooting. We shoot with two cameras at the same time in order to get both the close up shots and the full shot of me speaking. Each video on our site has eight to fifteen different little segments, smoothly edited together. The small camera has to be repositioned several times as well as foods being prepped at the beginning of the day and before each scene. As my kitchen is rather small we light the "set" with four 4’ fluorescent bulbs, as a large amount of light is needed so that the video looks normal when played on the website. We learned that the hard way with our first video being too dark. That's Steve, my son, behind the main camera.

Steve OlsonThis is Steve's side of the work - the sound & look of each video & making sure that the message is consistent. We re-shot many scenes in order to improve them. Steve also has to constantly monitor the quality of the sound to make sure that we are not picking up background noises such as neighbor's barking dogs, construction noise or children playing. We've had to delay shooting at times due to outside noises. Steve also monitors the quality of the video coming through both cameras on his Mac to make sure that there is nothing in the shot that may be distracting to the viewer. All of this focus on quality has resulted in several videos we are both very proud of.

I hope you have found this interesting. We thought you may like to see just how much work goes into shooting what appears to be a rather simple video.

Kind regards, Sandra Olson, M.Ed.