On March 23, 2017, Re: High Blood Pressure, Barbara wrote:

I had high blood pressure before I started the Budwig protocol but decided not to take drugs, despite my physician’s urging.  I took Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Olive Leaf extract.  Then I started with the Budwig program and after about 4-6 weeks my blood pressure went from 160’s/90’s to 120/60.  It has been in the normal range for the last 6 months.


I had a history of high blood pressure. Within a couple of weeks of starting Budwig Protocol, my blood pressure dropped into normal range. I havent needed any medication for more than 6 months. I took my blood pressure last night and it was 96/66. Years ago, I stopped my medication when I was combining diet and swimming 2km a day and playing squash 5 times a week – but even then I couldn’t get my blood pressure down to better than about 110/80.

I have a friend, a doctor, who had a history of much higher blood pressure than me, who also found he could stop all medication just a few weeks into BP.

[Note: “BP” stand for Budwig Protocol]


I can tell you that the protocol has brought my blood pressure from very high for a 50+ year old down to the level of a 35 year old. That took about 2 months for me being 95% on track. (I had a baked halibit steak or cod every week or so) My doctor wanted me to take pills for my BP which I rejected. My last few visits has him bewildered. He even asked if I was taking medication on the side


Mom has been on the protocol for 2 1/2 weeks now and is doing ok. The one thing we noticed is that her high blood pressure is now under control and she doesn’t need to take her medication anymore, in fact she hasn’t been taking it for 1 week.