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Please read this carefully, print it out for your reference & use it daily until these practices become second nature.


Introduction to the Budwig Protocol with Diet Details
This plan has been healing cancer & other diseases for over 50 years

This can help you to follow Dr. Budwig’s complete protocol. It is based on her book, “Cancer – The Problem and the Solution” [1999], her cookbook, “The Oil-Protein Diet” [1952] as well as on the experiences of the people who have successfully followed it and regained their health.

Most people begin gradually, adding healthy foods & liquids and eliminating damaging ones. The Budwig diet seems simple, but foods are powerful and can damage or heal a person. The full Budwig protocol has healed people of many kinds of cancer and other diseases and conditions.  Dr. Budwig chose to include anti-cancer foods that rejuvenate the body’s cells.


With liver, pancreatic, stomach and gallbladder disease, it’s best to begin with a gentle “Transition Diet” which is explained in our next article.  After the transition, begin the diet below with small amounts of the oil & cottage cheese as well as the additional foods outlined here.

Dr. Budwig had over a 90% success rate with this protocol with all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period. Many research studies done in the last ten years support the cancer-fighting value of the foods, juices, sun exposure and relaxation she recommended. There are many testimonials on this site written by members of the Groups IO page I moderate, FlaxSeedoil2, who have regained their health by following this protocol after being diagnosed with cancer – many of these diagnoses are terminal. The plan has helped people to overcome other conditions as well. You can read about some of them in our Testimonial section.



To start the Budwig diet, it helps to have 3 appliances:
1. Grinder – A coffee bean or spice grinder to grind the whole brown flax seeds; sold in health food stores or online. Freshly ground seeds are a must.
2. Hand-Held Blender – A hand-held, immersion, electric mixer (stick-shaped mixer) will blend and bond the flaxseed oil (FO) & cottage cheese (CC) together so that they become one food (FOCC). It is important to use an electric mixer instead of stirring these two key ingredients. This blending, for 1 full minute, makes the oil water-soluble and more absorbable by the body’s cells.
3. Vegetable Blender – A masticating-type juice (cold press grinder) is said to give a more healthful juice than a centrifugal-type (puree or pulse blender). Research Green Star & Omega 8005.

For easy reference, the video demonstration link above (Parts I & II of the Omega 8005) is embedded on our site.

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About an hour before breakfast, have a glass (4 to 8oz) of raw sauerkraut juice. It has cancer-fighting benefits. Homemade is best in order to get the digestive enzymes.  To get saurkraut juice, run the finished homemade kraut through your juicer. Upon joining our site, you’ll have access to a video on making sauerkraut at home.

You can also buy raw sauerkraut juice online at this website: *

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Start with a cup of green tea or herbal tea. It provides the warm liquid required for ground flaxseeds to swell properly within the body. That is important. Then have the FOCC Muesli (Muesli, in the Budwig diet, refers to the recipe below – here, we call it FOCC). Cottage cheese, quark, homemade yogurt cheese or kefir cheese is OK to use as the flaxseed oil bonding agent. But other substitutions are much less effective in making your flaxseed oil water-soluble. This can limit its bioavailability, reducing it’s anti-cancer and healing impacts.

THE BUDWIG FLAXSEED OIL/QUARK OR COTTAGE CHEESE RECIPE: Dr. Budwig’s oil/protein Muesli [or mixture] that we call FOCC, which stands for flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, is a key part of this healing plan. By blending and bonding the oil and cheese, the flax oil is more easily metabolized & helps to oxygenate & normalize the function of the body’s cells.

MEASUREMENTS: In her books, Dr. Budwig said to use 100 grams quark (or cottage cheese) in her “oil-protein” [or “FOCC”] recipe. 100 grams equals approximately 6 U.S. tablespoons or British dessert spoons of cheese. She recommended 3 tablespoons of flax oil. That’s a ratio of approximately 1:2 flax oil to cheese. Cold-pressed liquid FO is used. It’s more economical to buy plain FO instead of High Lignan FO because you’ll obtain plenty of lignans at a lower cost by using freshly ground flax seeds (used instead of Linomel). Note: Ground seeds should be consumed within 15 to 20 minutes. FO needs to be refrigerated after the container is opened. Again, after opening, please refrigerate your flaxseed oil.

The Budwig Diet FOCC Mixture: Make enough for 1 meal only, avoid storing. Eat immediately. Use organic foods if possible. Dr. Budwig’s cookbook has varied recipes but all follow the key steps noted here.

Begin by bonding the two key healing components of this recipe:

1. For 1 full minute, blend 3 Tbs flaxseed oil with 6 Tbs cottage cheese or quark with a hand-held electric immersion mixer. (If needed, add 3 Tbs cows milk.) Avoid adding anything else (water, processed nut milks or juices) when blending FO with CC or quark.

Your mixture should be free of any additional ingredients until it is thoroughly blended with no separated oil showing. This is an important biochemical factor in the effectiveness of the Budwig Protocol.

Next, layer or stir in the following ingredients:

2. Grind 2 Tbs whole flaxseeds and add. (This replaces Linomel)
Freshly ground seeds should be eaten within 20 minutes, eat recipe immediately.
3. Add various fruits such as fresh (or thawed-out frozen if necessary)
berries, all kinds, which contain strong cancer-fighting ellagic acid.
4. Add other fresh fruit if you like, totaling 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit.
5. If mixture is too thick, add 1 or 2 Tbs of fruit juice (e.g. dark grape,
blueberry) or milk. Fruits & their juices are proven cancer fighters.
6. Add organic raw nuts such as walnuts or Brazil nuts (no peanuts)
and a bit of raw honey and, if you like, vanilla or cinnamon, lemon juice, etc.
Try various fresh organic fruits & flavorings.

This recipe is one example of how FO can be blended with cheese. If you don’t like the taste of cottage cheese, you can make yogurt cheese by draining off the whey. You’ll find a video in the member’s section of this site showing how the easiest way to do this.

Remember, to keep your healing tasty, you can change up the fruit or even substitute vegetables and add spices for a savory flavor. Then, eat the fruit at another point in your day.

For an after-FOCC breakfast snack, try whole grain bread with cucumber, tomato, radishes or other raw veggies.

If you’d like to see this recipe made, click here and scroll down to see our free homepage video of the FOCC recipe being made by Sandra.



Freshly-pressed vegetable juice from carrots and/or beet, celery, lemon, apple as well as green vegetables – lettuces or spinach[carrot & beet juices are especially helpful to the liver & are strong cancer fighters] Vary vegetables.



Dr. Budwig emphasized that being in sunlight is very healthful for Vitamin D and other benefits (even in winter). Avoid burning but avoid sunscreen or sunglasses. Approximately 15-20 minutes is ideal to relax in the sun without burning and still give your body time to absorb enough to manufacture Vitamin D.



If you feel up to having some exercise, Go Slow – No need to overdo it. Some quotes by Dr.Budwig regarding exercise: “Often yoga or sport is very important, but sometimes the patient should not do this” […] “I would never allow a cancer patient with metastases to jog, ride a bicycle, or to practice yoga. His body must relax.”  One form of exercise that is beneficial for most people, when strong enough, is using a rebounder (a mini-trampoline) because it helps clear the lymph system and promotes better drainage. (See www.healthbounce. com & www.needakrebounder .com*)



This may seem surprising, but Dr. Budwig recommended one tablespoon of whole flax seeds, freshly ground and added to a glass of champagne or sparkling wine just before lunch. The acidity and natural, bottle-fermented carbonation of this beverage is known to help digestion & flax seed absorption (1999 book).  Pure fruit juice can be mixed with or used in place of champagne if you prefer. Also, the amount of liquid can vary, no more than four to six ounces is necessary.



Raw vegetable salad with various homemade salad dressings. For a healthy, tasty dressing, try one or more Tbs FO mixed with 1 or 2 Tbs organic CC, plus 1 Tbs organic apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and varied spices to taste.

For sweeter dressing, try FO & grape, fresh orange, apple or another fruit juice plus 1 Tbs Bragg apple cider vinegar. You can vary your salad dressings based on the recipes found here on Budwig Videos or selections in the Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook. The body can digest 1 or 2 Tbs flax oil without cottage cheese. So, substituting it for olive oil can be a help.

Avoid commercial salad dressings in your anti-cancer diet effort. Pumpkin seed oil can also be used along with FO. Experiment with spices or honey for variety.

If still hungry, steamed or boiled veggies can be enjoyed alone or paired with grains. (See “DINNER”)

LUNCH DESSERT: It’s important to have a second serving of FOCC with varied fresh raw fruits (organic whenever possible). Again, use 3 Tbs FO & 6 Tbs CC, blended alone, adding fresh fruit but NO flaxseeds when they have been mixed with sparkling wine or juice before the meal. If there are problems digesting this amount of oil, begin with smaller amounts of FOCC and increase it slowly. Chew very well to optimize digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth as saliva is mixed with food. Try to have meals in a peaceful atmosphere. Relaxing is important to your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.



One Tbs whole flaxseeds, freshly ground, stirred into a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne OR one Tbs flaxseeds, ground and stirred into a 4 to 6 ounce glass of fruit juice: grape, cherry or pineapple.  Chew or swish the ground flaxseeds in your mouth to mix with saliva for better digestion.

TIME TO RELAX: Do this in the sunlight if possible, to melt stress. Take twenty minutes or more after lunch to empty your mind of worries, angers, fears. Focus on nature, music, chat, laughter, anything that pleases you. Use some of this time to consciously think kind thoughts about yourself and others.

Dr. Budwig said that relieving stress is extremely important. Many research studies support this idea for anti-cancer and other healing programs.

SUNBATHING IN SUMMER: This is very important. Sunlight on the skin (without sunscreen, lotion or sun glasses) generates Vitamin D and gives the body anti-cancer healing energy. Yes, too much sun can create cancer risk. So, the importance of moderation and balance is emphasized here. Start slowly so that you avoid getting a burn. Work up to 20 or 30 minutes in the sun. But don’t exceed these moderate sun exposure times. Finally, wait a few hours after sunbathing before showering with soap as it takes time for vitamin D to be made on the skin.



One Tbs whole flax seeds, ground & added to blueberry or papaya juice. Both fresh, whole papaya & pineapple (above) contribute digestive enzymes. Fresh foods and juices are important – most bottled juices have lost their enzymes (the key aid in flax seed digestion) even though they still have valuable nutrients.

If making the juice yourself, drink it immediately after preparation. you want to consume your juices within 10 minutes of making them, before the enzymes are lost through exposure to air and light. You want to get as many natural enzymes as possible (as well as electrons from flax seeds & oils).

Note: Instead of the fruit juices, some prefer to engage the healing protocol using homemade vegetable juices as described above.



Have a variety of veggies and starch-containing foods, well spiced – using anti-cancer options like turmeric, black pepper, black cumin, garlic, ginger, chili pepper and saffron. Adding Oleolux (only after cooking) and nutritional yeast flakes after cooking contribute to the meal’s richness and flavor. Nutritional yeast adds important B-vitamins which boost energy & mood. Oleolux is also used as a spread or butter substitute on bread (whole or sprouted grain, homemade or Ezekiel bread*).

Choices of cooked grains and starchy foods include – buckwheat (Dr. Budwig’s top choice, this digests well & is very nutritious), millet, brown rice, lentils, beans, peas, and potatoes. Add lightly cooked vegetables such as kale, tomatoes, spinach, beets, carrots, chard, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions, artichokes, asparagus, peppers, green beans, etc. Also, adding healthful spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, turmeric & others bring variety and enjoyment to your diet.



A glass of organic, natural or biodynamic red wine is recommended by Dr. Budwig, if desired. For some, it can aid a sound night’s sleep.

The above anti-cancer diet guidelines can be varied using the many recipes on this website and those found in Dr. Budwig’s book “The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook,” sold by*



Dr. Budwig stressed that we must avoid unhealthy foods and substances whether taking an anti-cancer approach or using the healing protocol to address other diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure or arthritis.

These include hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, animal fats (in excess of the quark or cottage cheese that is a key part of the Budwig Diet). Avoid butter, sugar, white flour, preservatives, processed foods, pesticides and chemicals (yes, drugs and caffeine), even those in household products & cosmetics. Drink chemical-free, filtered water if possible.

  • Avoid leftovers – food should be prepared fresh and eaten soon after preparation to maximize intake of health-giving electrons & enzymes.
  • 3x a day drink warm green or herbal teas, unsweetened or sweetened only with honey.
  • Stress is damaging. Avoid & reduce stress and anxiety by beginning to take the time to relax & enjoy each day. Listen to beautiful music, laugh, do deep breathing, connect with nature, spend time with people you like.
    Release chronic anger and sadness through counseling, a support group, journaling or some method of letting go of it. (We have a video for practicing relaxation methods ready for you on the site.)
  • ELDI oils are oils for external application or enema. Dr. Budwig had her patients use them. Some do well without them. (Read our articles on ordering ELDI oils.)
  • Dr. Budwig did not include drugs OR supplements in her protocol guidelines. In her 1999 book, she spoke against them. Some patients wean themselves of prescription and other drugs slowly, under a doctor’s care. Always consult your doctor in these matters. NOTE: Flax oil is known to thin the blood. Be careful about using blood-thinning drugs, including aspirin. It can be dangerous and is important to balance all blood-thinning additions to one’s diet against prescriptions. Some supplements, especially those high amounts of manmade antioxidants, can seriously interfere with how well the diet works. Additionally, she noted that some drugs and treatments such as chemo and radiation, cortisones, hormones & pain killers can impede the protocol’s efficacy. Sr. Budwig also warned against the dangers of oxygen therapy for the cancer patient, stating that the cells are not healthy enough to absorb extra oxygen until they are healed through diet.
  • The anti-cancer foods in the Budwig Protocol give your body what it needs daily to help to stop cancer. Dr. Budwig warned that you should follow the diet closely for three years before relaxing a little, but you cannot regularly include damaging foods in your daily menu. Doing so may allow the cancer to return. This has happened to some people who left the diet too soon. Please notice that the diet does not include animal proteins or fats other than that in cheese and milk. Meats, poultry, fish, eggs and butter are excluded. Research has shown that these foods can promote cancer growth. Cane sugar and any products including it are also excluded. Avoid highly processed foods; try to eat as naturally as possible. Avoid commercial salad dressings, trans-fats and preserved oils. We show various salad dressing recipes on our videos.
  • Take care of your teeth. If there are hidden infections, they could interfere with your improvement.



Dr. Budwig’s book, Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and other Diseases, offers an understanding of the scientific principles behind this anti-cancer protocol.

Her cookbook, The Oil-Protein Diet, gives practical anti-cancer diet information and recipes.
These two books can be ordered from Apple Publishing at this link.

Budwig-Videos will give you recipes & information based on all three of the books by Dr. Budwig listed here.

Her newest (and last) book, Cancer-The Problem and The Solution, written in 1999, is available from *

The science from that book is discussed in our video for members as well.

Be aware that another book entitled, The Budwig Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet is loosely based on an interpretation of Dr. Budwig’s plan, designed for healthy people. It was prepared and published in 2011 by Dr. Budwig’s nephew, Armin Grunewald, M. D. and his son, Alexander Grunewald, Ph. D., though it says ‘by Dr. Johanna Budwig’ on the front of the book.


*We built this site to serve your health not our pocketbook and do not accept partner payments for recommendations or endorsements of any kindNONE of the recommendations on are partners in our effort, just quality products and practices.