Dr. Budwig’s Three Books in English

On our Budwig-Videos website, we offer the core points of information from all three of Dr. Budwig’s books. We have a large and varied group of Budwig-recommended and compatible recipes – all are drawn from her cookbook and work within her initial directives.

You’ll find our recipes in video format or with beautiful photos and a written recipe that can be downloaded on the Videos/Recipes page under Resources. We also offer the core science from Flax Oil as a True Aid and the key points from Cancer – The Problem and The Solution.

On our website, we want you to have all you need in order to understand and put into practice Dr. Budwig’s plan. You can view the videos and read the pages whenever you wish, as many times as needed. Also, you can ask any questions you have in our Forum.


Here are direct links to each of Dr. Budwig’s book titles in English translation:


Please Note: There are no commissions earned by me in these links. The titles above are listed in order of the most helpful priority in getting you started on your path to healing. But, rest assured – buying any of them for your kitchen or bedside table is optional. Vital research and recipes from the 1st Editions of each book are faithfully translated on this site to make the most accurate versions of Dr. Budwig’s Nobel-honored work available to as many people as possible and to preserve her legacy of healing through nutrition. (This means a great deal to me and to my son and daughter who act a videographer and webmaster for this site.)

Background: Purchasing Dr. Budwig’s original books translated to English (pictured here), can be more costly now that her original editions are out of print.

Two of Dr. Budwig’s books were available for years through her US publisher, Apple Publishing (no relation to Apple.com). However, both The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook and Flax Oil as a True Aid went “out of print” when the publisher closed their doors for good in 2020. Later editions reflect edits and changes that were not made by Dr. Budwig, who died in 2002.

Dr. Budwig’s third and last book, Cancer – the Problem and the Solution 2005 was published after her death but features direct translation of a vital 1998 interview with Dr. Budwig preceding the March 1999 Freudenstadt Cancer Conference. It can be found almost solely in its 2nd edition cover.