Some of the many advantages of watching our Budwig videos is that you will see just HOW EASY IT IS and HOW LITTLE TIME IT TAKES to make the health-supporting delicious meals in the Budwig Diet that improve well being.

  • Over 70 Budwig Diet Recipes, with variations to change the taste, on video or written with added photos.
  • Breakfast Videos + recipe page with many variations =over 50 different meals
  • Lunch Videos with 9 variations + additional written recipes with photos=over 25 different meals
  • Dinner Videos with 9 variations + additional written recipes with photos = over 25 different meals
  • Oleolux Video + recipe page with variation
  • Nutrition Notes: Within the videos & the recipe pages, you will learn the health benefits & research results on the value of the foods & spices used in the recipes.
    • 3 More Important Videos:
    • Some Basics on Why the Budwig Plan Works [Science]
    • Sun Therapy and Exercise [Benefits of Sunlight & Whether to Exercise]
  • 10 Relaxation Methods [Ways to Reduce Stress are Demonstrated]
  • We also include Articles that explain helpful details & a Forum where you can discuss specifics with others.


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