To follow the diet, three appliances are needed. Add them to your kitchen when you can, but start on the rest of the foods right away. These appliances can be found at your local merchants or ordered on line. Do a web search to find them. The coffee bean grinder and the immersion blender can each be purchased for under $25.00 US. The vegetable juicer might be about $260.00 US.

Coffee-Grinder1- A coffee bean grinder to grind the whole brown flaxseeds sold in health food stores or online. Freshly ground seeds are a must.

Immersion Blender2- An immersion hand-held blender (a stick-shaped mixer) to blend and bond the flaxseed oil [FO] & cottage cheese [CC] together so that they become one food, making the oil water-soluble and more absorbable.

It’s important to use an electric mixer rather than stirring the two.

Omega-Juicers3- A vegetable juicer. A masticating type juicer is said to give a more healthful juice than a centrifugal type. Research Green Star & Omega 8005. They are favorites of many members of the Yahoo Budwig group called FlaxSeedOil2.