How Budwig Videos Can Help You Heal offers details about the healing plan – known as the Budwig diet or Budwig protocol – of German biochemist, Dr. Johanna Budwig. Over the years, her Budwig diet plan has helped thousands of people to stop cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and other significant health problems. Dr. Budwig wrote that she had success with over 90% of her patients during her 50-year practice, ending in 2002.  This site is one of the few places where accurate information from her books is available, along with unsolicited testimonials showing successful results.

To help you follow Dr. Budwig’s plan, this site offers you access to:

  • 15 videos of the diet & practice, step-by-step
  • Over 70 recipes with variations & beautiful photos
  • Hundreds of helpful testimonials & articles
  • A discussion forum to connect you to others practicing the plan

All videos and articles are on this site and instantly available when you join. Everything here is designed to help you closely follow the full Budwig diet plan and lifestyle protocol without added costs or supplements. It is offered here as Dr. Budwig practiced it with her own patients.

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About Us

Budwig-Videos.Com is a labor of love, a commitment to helping others with their health challenges by creating an easier way for more people to learn and follow the Budwig healing plan.

Whether you are a newcomer to the Budwig diet and full healing protocol, who wants to understand it and get started faster, or you have been on the Budwig diet for a while and would like some new recipes and inspiration, I believe you will find the videos and articles very beneficial.

If the free information here and in my forum has helped you, please support our ongoing work by joining us for more knowledge and motivation.
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