I now have my mom on the protocol…she is so much better.. …. diabetes/congestive heart failure and COPD (chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease). She is 74 ( lives upstairs in an in- law). She started on the protocol two weeks ago, I made everything on the protocol(but the steamed veggies). We sent up focc 2x, ground flaxseeds 2x and carrot/beet juice 1x. Now…she is feeling well enough to do the focc herself (we still do the juice and flaxseeds because she doesn’t have a juicer or grinder, otherwise she would probably do that too) Totally Amazing!!! She is better on all counts! Breathing, energy, peace of mind and will to live have improved so..she now has hope of actually getting healed instead of hanging on with medication. (Although she still takes all her meds as yet, I do hope to see her get off them a bit at a time)


“I had/have a heart arrhythmia that would sometimes cause ventricular tachycardia (not SVT …VT). It was diagnosed as electrical. I was hospitalized twice (ICU), but decided against an ablation procedure because I felt there was a slim chance of finding and eradicating the problem with surgery. Naturally the medical option was anti-arrythmics and beta blockers, they definitely kept me alive for 7 years.

I started the Budwig Protocol for Breast Cancer with mets to the bone…within 3 months, I self-titrated off the meds for arrhythmia and haven’t looked back since. It’s been 15 months since I’ve taken a med. I do get occasional mild arrhythmic beats (or what I consider mild anyway)….nothing major, usually only seconds. It happens so rarely that I’ve all but forgotten I ever had a problem at all. I couldn’t be more pleased!!!! (And thankful to Dr. B)

[Note: Ventricular tachycardia (V-tach) is a rapid heart beat that originates in one of the lower chambers (the ventricles) of the heart. To be classified as tachycardia, the heart rate is usually at least 100 beats per minute.]

Janice A.

My cholesterol dropped significantly within 6-7 weeks of beginning FOCC. So dramatic, my cardiologist said she had never seen such a drop in so short a time period. My LDL (bad) when from 135 to 56 in this time period. Total was 114, down from over 200.

My overall diet changed too, but not precise to the Budwig protocol. Heavy on vegetables, fruit and nut, with only salmon and chicken for evening meal.

I was not taking any cholesterol drug during this same time period.