On Jan. 14, 2014, Re: Rectal Cancer, Nadine wrote:

I just wanted to share some good news.

My boyfriend, diagnosed with rectum cancer at the age of 39 in 2011, who has gone through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, 3 operations of intestines, liver and lymph glands in his leg the past years and with a bleak outlook on his future due to the metastasis and chemotherapy not working, has been on the Budwig protocol for nearly a year and the past three medical checkups over a period of 9 months show fantastic blood results, much to the astonishment of doctors.

He feels great, has a lot of energy and what is also interesting to note is that various swellings and chronic pains (as the doctors told him) have disappeared completely.

So to all those on the protocol, keep it up although sometimes it might be difficult.


On Sep. 5, 2012, Re: Rectal Cancer, Lea R. wrote:

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer Feb ’10. I’ve had no chemo or radium…I feel great, stopped bleeding 3 months ago, my energy is good. The main things I have done -Budwig strict, Green juice plus each day, Melatonin and ashwagandha to help me sleep and relax. Regular blood work.

Leah R.