Prostate Cancer

On May 21, 2017, Re: Prostate Cancer, Ray M. wrote:
I have/had Prostate Cancer that spread to the bone before it was diagnosed.
I say have/had as Health is not a destination but rather a journey that needs
diligent work all the way !
It was on my left femur from 2008, exactly where I kept my mobile/cell in my left
trouser pocket for the prior 15 years !
Ok, we know all about that now – never wear a microwave device on the body !
After a short course of docs’ drugs, I stopped that therapy before it killed me !
Literally, or so it felt. By that time I had completed several years research into Ca causes/cures,
although ‘cure’ is not the right word – heal would be better.
… for past 4-5 yrs I have been on this BP. Despite ups downs all seems to be going OK.
BP is probably the best single protocol to follow.
I have not had a scan or test for 3 yrs, but the last MRI Bone Scan showed
zero issues on the skeleton it had all retreated back into the prostate.
All Good News.
Actually I only had those tests so as to clock in with NHS UK, as I had retired
to Australia some 20 yrs ago. Otherwise I would expect to be independent of
doctors. My med history is given to encourage you others to stay on BP.
Blessings for a Full Recovery

Ray M.

On May 24, 2017, Re: Prostate Cancer, Julian B. wrote:
I am a 7-year survivor of Gleason 7 stage 3 or 4 (nuclear medicine confirmed metastases to hip and kidney 5 years ago, not visible 4 years ago) with highest PSA of 138 5 years ago. After a complete bladder shut down I was catheterised for 6 months and then had a TURP operation to get back to some normality. This involves removing around 20% of the prostate which was found to be 70% tumour material.

I had been on the Budwig diet since just before the shutdown and have been on it ever since, great improvement in general health but it does not keep my PSA down, I have been on Androgen Deprivation Therapy since the catheterization to do this, the PSA goes down to single digits, usually 1.9 or so, if I don’t have the 3 monthly injection by 6 months it will be in the mid-thirties. 

After reading about a trial of 40 patients of similar age and condition (hormone sensitive Pc ) who were put on 15 grams of dried white button mushrooms daily for 3 months and all reduced PSA by nearly half and two to zero I started on the same thing 3 months ago, when my next ADT injection was due. 

To-day I received the PSA results, point 7 (0.7), the lowest it has ever been!    I have also been able to go up to six hours without a toilet break, and but for hot flashes which wake me up every three hours or so at night (side effect of ADT), I could possibly sleep through.

The mushrooms are from supermarkets, I slice them and dry them in a dehydrator or put the trays in the sun if there is enough, then when they break cleanly they are ground in the coffee grinder, dose works out to a 1/3 cup, 80ml daily which I split for the 2 Fo/Cc mixes where it is undetectable, just bulks it out a fraction. 

I will keep on with the regimen for the next three months and report the results, the trial, by the way, was listed at (  under “white button mushrooms” in their research section under ‘substances’. Hoping this helps some of you with rising PSA and without access to the expensive ADT therapy and all its side effects !! 

 Love and hugs to you all, Julian

Julian B.

On Feb 23, 2017,  Re: Prostate Cancer, Carole wrote:
I put my husband on the Budwig diet when he was diagnosed and he has been on it the whole time.
My husband is doing very well, with more energy than he has had for years and (fingers crossed) no trace of cancer in the 4 areas it had spread to and very low PSA (so assuming none in the prostate either).


July 15, 2010, Re: Advanced Prostate Cancer, Ian wrote:

I have been on BP for two years. My PSA started out at 265, rose to 440 and dropped back to a low 14 all in 5 months. I, too, am on the injection. I started with stage 4 prostate cancer and my doctor was only giving me this as palliative care. My doctor does not know what to make of me now. I am still working as a gardner and small scale landscaper.

I had a 30mm tumor when first tested and mets on my spine with pain. After one year on BP my tumor has shrunk to 7mm and my back is pain free. Everyone thinks I look better than ever. The main thing is not to stress out about the numbers and stay calm about everything.


I was told from symptoms, a dr and blood work that I had a 35% chance of having cancer. The doc wanted to do a biopsy, I opted not to, got on the Budwig protocol, did a navarro test and went from there. Its over a year later did navarro testing and it has gone down since, feel great. I was afraid of seeding, etc so put my faith in this and am moving forward.

When I found out about the Budwig Protocol, at that instant it felt like a load had been lifted from my shoulders, and my mind, so I just knew it was the right thing for me, and so far…it has been. There is much more to it however, in my life I had stress, so its not just nutrition for everyone, you have to take inventory of your life as it is and assess what you need to do to become healthy again, its different for each person. Just my two cents.

James N.

I’m still fighting prostate cancer with bone mets… Been on the BP diet a little more than 2 months and just had my 3 month checkup. My PSA dropped from 1.4 to .5 and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I was first diagnosed in April 2004, PSA was 1.9. I had a prostatectomy in May 2004 and 4 rounds of Chemo. PSA after surgery and chemo .001 or as they say unreadable. All my tests were good until June of 2005 when a bone scan found a spot on my pelvis.I then was put on hormone blockade and that worked until September 2006 when PSA rose to .7, December 2006 PSA climbed to 11, January 2007 PSA was 23 and February 44.I entered into a clinical trial in March 2007 and had 6 more rounds of chemo, the real good stuff that makes you very ill. I finished the last chemo in May 2007. My PSA dropped gradually to 1.4 during the treatments. I found the Budwig Diet on the Internet when I felt well enough to use the computer. I decided to to complete all the chemo, buy all the Budwig books and all the equipment I needed to do the BP.

I started BP the First week of June 2007 [PSA 1.4] and PSA is .5 as of August 16, 2007. It’s only been about 2 months but I feel very well except for my feet, they are numb from the chemo, my Dr. says it should gradually go away. Fighting on in Apollo, PA.


In 2001 my doctor presented me a PSA value >10 and urged me to get the prostate out, otherwise I would die very soon and with great pain. He didn’t even bother to scare my wife. After the first panic I started to read (never read this much before,-) and with trial and error found Larry Clapp and Budwig. Meanwhile I learned that the inventor of the PSA test, Dr Stamey doesn’t believe in it anymore but I had severe symptoms like fatigue, 100% ED and night sweat. Now, at 67, I feel better than at 40…since we installed the Budwig regimen. Budwig is a whole synergistic system built of nutrition, moderate sunshine and exercise, avoiding stress. After about 6 months the symptoms vanished. I also lost 6 kg.

Peter F.

I had biopsy and diagnosed as “Aggressive” for prostate cancer in 7/03 with Gleason Score of 8/10, PSA was 13.2. One of 4 specialists angrily stated I would be dead in 5 years after refusal of his type surgery.

I used Budwig, later adding Small-Flowered Willow Herb Tea to relieve congestion. Also continued use of full range of vitamins and minerals. Used Saw Palmetto Tincture (tinctures works better than pills, including ones from “New Chapter”, most tincture was self-made). Sun-Dried Tomatoes yield highest amount of lycopene. Also juiced using VitaMix. After 2 MRI’s, a Bone Scan and a CAT Scan, l2/03 thru 8/04, none showed presence of PC. Still using Budwig 4/5 times week (and telling all who will listen), Willow tea, saw palmetto tincture, juices, organic coconut and sesame oils, organic veggies, nuts and seeds.

The Small-Flowered Willow, extremely high in betasitosterol, caused increase in immune system that could be felt as “twinges” in femur. Also, I would like to express gratitude to Wilhelm, Sandra, Ulla, and others, who daily maintain this life-saving website.


I would like to report a success milestone. My test results are back and they are both NORMAL. I am/was dealing with prostate cancer. My psa is now 3.6 with 17% free, and the AMAS test stands at 33 (normal is anything below 99).

A brief history of how I got to this point:

– This spring I experienced a sudden increase in urinary problems and went for a checkup. In February of this year my psa was 7.4. My urologist made some basic mistakes, but I will shorten a long story. I started doing some of the things recommended by Larry Clapp, and went to a different doctor. In April I was retested, my psa was 6.0 with 17% free, which indicates a 28% risk of cancer.

– I decided to have a biopsy. End of April this showed some cancer in one of 12 probes, with a Gleason score of 6.0. My urologist recommended radioactive seeds, but also said that I had plenty of time to decide or experiment, since this was a slow growing cancer.

– I spent about a month researching various alternatives, and settled on the Budwig protocol about end of May.

– End of June (one month into Budwig) I took a set of base tests to monitor my future progress. My psa was already down to 4.9, with the percent free psa at 17%, which indicates a lower cancer risk (only 20%). At this time I also took the AMAS test, which came in at 141, meaning elevated cancer risk – no surprise there.

– End of September (four months into Budwig) I took these tests again, but it took until now to get the AMAS results, since it was done incorrectly first time. My psa is down to 3.6 (normal) with the % free still at 17%. My AMAS result has dropped to 33, which is well into the NORMAL zone. I would have liked the % free psa to be higher, but the 17% means 20% chance of cancer and 80% chance of no cancer. With the AMAS being so low, I will assume that I am in the 80% category.

Thank you Dr. Budwig, and in particular thanks to the current “angels” Sandra, Ulla and Wilhelm.


Billy’s PSA was 27.6 when he was diagnosed with cancer in October. He went on a strict veggie diet and the Flaxseed oil and Cottage cheese. He was tested again and the PSA is down to 0.5. This is truly a miracle. The urologist wants him to take another Eligard shot which he did take 6 months ago so the cathetar could be removed. He does not want to do another chemo/eligard shot but is continuing on the FO/CC along with a careful eating plan. He has not had any pain or side effects. God has led him to do the FO/CC. Of course, the doctor is concerned. The cancer was a Stage 4 aggressive type. We’ll keep praying and believing that the cancer will not win.