On February 27, 2019, on our Budwig-Videos Facebook page, Beverly N. wrote: 

3 yrs ago I was diagnosed with CLL leukemia. Declined chemicals and started the Budwig program. Not only did I not die – as told I would – but I lost 40 pounds, weigh what I did at age 30 ( I am 74) and am healthier than before the diagnosis! Thanks to Dr. Johanna Budwig’s diet protocol!


On December 16, 2019, Beverly N. sent a more detailed note regarding her journey:

I have been using Budwig for over 3 years to combat CLL leukemia.  I have been successful in slowly raising my platelet count a few thousand at a time. I started at 3,000 when 140,000 is normal.  I feel fine.  Using the diet guidelines I lost about 40 pounds in the first 3 or 4 months.  My weight is now within guidelines for my body size/age and I enjoy no longer being over weight.  I meet with a hematologist about every 3 -4 months to have my blood work done.  He is great, we talk and he encourages me to continue what ever I am doing as for me, it is working.  We always laugh about him offering me poison – what I call chemo, all chemicals are poison.  For me Budwig works and I have gotten pretty lazy with following the protocol exactly.  I do not eat the foods I am not supposed to but, I also do not eat all the right things at the right or prescribed times.  I feel great and it is hard for me to realize, believe, I am allegedly sick with CLL.  The only symptoms I have are the low platelet count and a couple other blood markers being slightly out of kilter.    Give Budwig a try – it certainly will do nothing less than help you feel better and may even lead to your beating Hodgkins and getting back to good health.  Good luck and NEVER GIVE IN and NEVER GIVE  UP.

Beverly N.

On March 20, 2018, re: Leukemia in our forum, Scott M. wrote:
Just an update. My leukemia is CLL, but also one called “Essential Thrombocytosis” in which too many platelets are manufactured.

Since following the Budwig Protocol in January, my WBC dropped 20 points and my platelet count is to a safe number and has dropped by 303 units.

These numbers are incredible and extremely encouraging, I’m compelled to keep on and dig even further.

Scott M.

On May 17, 2013, Re: a Leukemic Condition, Vinita wrote:

I joined this group about 5 years ago when Mom was diagnosed with MCL in the leukemic condition. She did not take chemo, we started her on the Budwig Plan & some ayurvedic & homeopathic meds plus curcumin. She’s doing well, is stable. Am so grateful to each person on this forum who helped us…Continue on the BP…this forum and group has been godsent, the only source of hope in the darkest period of our lives.


On Apr. 18, 2013, Re: CLL Leukemia, FarmGirl wrote:

I have CLL (leukemia). I started Budwig diet a year ago, I don’t do the diet perfect but I try not to eat meat. I eat the Flax Oil/Cottage Cheese mix daily w/ ground flax added. All of my numbers “”Thank God”” are normal again! Yes! I’m very lucky. Thank you Dr Budwig, this really works.


On Sep. 21, 2011, Re: Acute Lumnphoblastic Leukemia, Tamsin wrote:

Just had the Palliative Team Nursing Coordinator in my house telling me that I am their first client EVER in over twenty years to be taken off their ‘End of Life Services Package’ (in house nursing for dying people!!)…a big thumbs up that Budwig is the way to go as I know all her other clients do chemo etc! I have been very open that this is what I’m doing since being written off by the medical community back in May…today’s visit reminded me how far I have come in such a short time, from terminally ill/ Palliative to driving my car again and participating in normal events (tho at a reduced capacity still).


On Feb. 1, 2010, Re: NHL Leukemia, Vinita wrote:

Just got my mom’s blood tests and sonography done. (She is a NHL leukemia patient, only on BP and alternative treatments for last 2 years now). Her spleen has reduced from 21 cm to 17 cm. and the WBCs have also come down. The lymphocytes percentage has come down too. All in all it’s been a slow and gradual improvement. Considering how aggressive her cancer is, it’s a blessing.