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My wife’s brain cancer experience may help. She had a major brain hemorrhage (severe stroke) caused by a brain tumor. I started her on Budwig within 5 weeks and the results were miraculous.

Also, because she had radiotherapy, she developed micro – aneurysms in her eyes. She undertook Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and her eyes improved – not cured but the docs stated that the condition was progressive and nothing could be done to reverse it.

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Martin P.

November 13, 2013:

Recently i have seen discussion on GBM. I hope our experience with BP for my Son’s Medulloblastoma recurrence case will help.

My son was on FOCC effective 25 Aug 13 following the evidence of recurrence in July . Though we could not manage the suggested twice daily dose, one dose daily has been followed religiously . He has been on an integrated treatment consisting of TEMIRI + Avastin combination chemo ( just completed two cycles) , homeo (Ruta 6+ Lycopodium+ Calcarea Phos), Ayurvedic medicines, Borsweilla serrata extract, Chaparaal leaf extract and other Herbal supplements such as Spiriluna, Bee Pollen, black seed oil etc.., The daily diet was generally within the BP [Budwig Plan] compliance, however due to the age factor , we had to compromise, occasionally letting him go off the regime.

With the grace of Almighty, his MRI last week shows significant reduction. the bigger one reduced by 50%, while the other two small tissue enhancements have been disappeared. The larger area of oedema around the mass also significantly regressed. More importantly, symptom wise, he looks, feels healthy and attending school part-time without much difficulties.

He was on steroid starting from Aug for 45 days, we stopped it by mid Sept. This week his consultant advised to stop anti-seizure medication as well. The only thing that continue to be without any improvement is his left-side balancing and coordination problem – cant’ walk long distance or take steps without support etc…- which was started at the time of dx during Aug 2012., and we were not focusing on the physiotherapy/ occupational therapy following the heartbreaking recurrence evidence.

We are not sure which one worked for my son, but believe that BP compliance helped him to a great extent to achieve today’s status. We hope and pray the ultimate healer will continue to help him to come out of this trying times.

At this point , we were thinking to stop the chemo based on some reading. it says Temezol enhances the necrotic damage in the brain which also contributes to the increased level of glutamate in the brain helping tumor progression. Th report also says Avastin enhances the invasive property of some type of brain tumors. Then consultant says the avastin problem is not applicable to MB., and as per another radiation oncologist, as long as there are no pressure effects from the cystic/necrotic changes, the increased level of necrotic changes are favorable effects of treatment and the glial system (microglia) serves as scavengers that will slowly eliminate dead cells.

It is a tough choice to make , we therefore decided to continue with the integrated approach, and he is undergoing third cycle currently.

Hope this will help to those who still doubt the efficacy of BP.



On Dec 4, 2011, Re: Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer, Stage 4, Debora wrote:

My mother, who lives in Argentina, is 71 years old and on june 24 she has been diagnosed with brain cancer: Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4. The doctors predictions were bad.They said she would lose completely her memory, that she wouldn’t be able to speak, walk, etc. They gave her three months to live doing chemotheraphy and radiation, which would extend her life.

We (the family) decided not to go through those treatments, and immediately started with the flax oil-seeds-cottage and vegetarian diet. Also with the champagne, red wine + flax seeds combination.

In two weeks my mother’s initial symptoms (problems with speech, memory loss, muscle coordination,) started gradually to disappear. The last cat scan shows that the tumour is not growing at all and has lost density and the edema is much, much smaller. She still has some symptoms but she is living almost a normal life.

In Argentina we have many chances to get a lot of sun so she is able to be outside almost every day. From a start we never told her about the severity of her illness. She knows she has a tumour but no one ever gave her a prediction.

The oncologist and the neurologist are surprised. No one knows how things will evolve, but we are certain that if my Mother is having this quality of life at this moment after almost 6 months of being diagnosed, its for sure because of Johanna Budwig. ..and everyone’s prayers and healing energies.

She also started following now Dr Banerji’s homeopathic protocol:

http://drpbanerji.com/ and is taking natural spirulina, natural apricot seeds, and a natural aloe vera mixture:

Thank you Sandra Olson and others for placing the information in the Internet so it can be available to people from all over the world.

I apologize for my English…I hope I communicated things well enough to be understood. Wishing you all Good Health, Love, Peace and Light!



On Apr. 5, 2011, Re: Brain Cancer, David wrote:

I have terminal brain cancer that should have killed me years ago, or so I’ve been told. I have been on BP since January 2008 and just had a brain MRI three weeks ago. No cancer. Coincidence? I think not.


…good news with respect to my wife’s brain cancer (astrosaytoma 3). Diagnosed in April 2009: partial removal of the tumor but left a piece of tumor about 3 cm. Started a Budwig kind diet with FOCC on May 2009. Completed 6 cycles of chemo and radiotheraphy in July 2009…Sept 2009 MRI: tumor shrank from 3 cm to 1.8 cm…July 2011 (latest): tumor has further shrank…to about 1 cm and the tumor significantly lost its density…