On Apr. 23, 2013, Re: Appendix Cancer, Lizelle wrote:

After six months on Budwig…I feel great and am losing some weight which I really wanted and couldn’t manage before.

On Jun. 8, 2013, Lizelle updated:

I was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix mid Jan 2013 after removal of my appendix and a 2.7kg tumor on my ovary. The type of tumor – mucinous adenocarcinoma – is extremely aggressive and fast-growing. The oncologist was very concerned as both the tumor on the ovary and the appendix had burst, thereby seeding the whole abdominal cavity with cancer cells. I opted out of all conventional treatment and have been on Budwig now for three months. I am also taking DCA, LDN and cannabis oil along with a few supplements but nothing major. I went for a CAT scan on 9th April and the results are excellent. No lymph node involvement, no visible tumors in my abdomen apart from what appears to be a cyst on my remaining ovary. I feel better than I have in years. Thanks to everyone here for making this such an amazing group.