Lung Cancer, Stage IVb-Doebucky

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Dear Group,

I just came from my Oncologist for my 4-month checkup and CT.  CT showed no tumor growth at all since the previous CT.  So, in 15 months since I started the Budwig Protocol my metastasized tumors shrunk 50% and since have been totally static.  No growth or new tumors at all.  Thank you Dr. Budwig and those who carry on her work.  I am alive and healthy today due to your work.


Initial Message from Doebucky:

I had radiation on my primary tumor area following radical hysterectomy in 2015.  This was prior to becoming knowledge about alternative therapies.  And, I suffered two fractures in my back from the radiation that cause me chronic pain and a degree of disability that will continue probably for the remainder of my life due to the bone damage and inability to properly heal.   Had I known about Budwig then I never would have consented to radiation.

But, once it was confirmed the cancer spread to my lungs, I refused all conventional treatments and immediately started the Budwig Protocol.  I was diagnosed stage IVb and the doctors at both Mayo and MD Anderson told me I would soon be dead without chemo or immunotherapy.  When I presented them with a list of questions they had to admit their therapies could at best offer me 2 or 3 additional months of life- but at what cost?

Their answers to my questions and previous experience convinced me that refusing their destructive therapies was the best option.  I then started researching and read about Dr. Budwig’s work and jumped on board.  I was thrilled to learn the science behind her findings and never looked back.