Stage IV Breast Cancer-Kristen R.

On April 6, 2017, Re: Inflammatory Breast Cancer, stage IV, Kristen R. wrote:
I have been a member of this group for a little over two years.  I was diagnosed with HER2 Inflammatory Breast Cancer Stage IV February 24, 2015. I was given a very bad prognosis because the cancer had spread to my lymphs, adrenals and bones and it was recommended that I take 6 rounds of Chemo, followed by Surgery and then Radiation.  Due to the aggressiveness of the cancer I agreed to the Chemo. I also instantly started the Budwig Protocol and did both treatment therapies (conventional and BP) simultaneously. I followed the protocol as much as possible,adding regular exercise and herbal tinctures.
I completed six rounds of chemo (Taxatare, Projeta, Herceptin and also Lupron hormone shots due to the estrogen nature of the cancer) and then continued maintenance of herceptin. Originally it was recommended that I take Herceptin every 3 weeks, but as my tumor markers decreased, I was able to request spreading the treatments farther apart. I am now on every 6 weeks Herceptin and Every 12 weeks Lupron! I am inching away from the medication. It is a matter of time before I will be free of the medication. 
For me, this journey has been a faith walk to trust and believe in the healing power of Jesus…
I wanted to post my most recent results with the group as encouragement for us all.  I received my most recent PET scan two days ago. CANCER HAS BEEN REVERSED! There was no mention of cancer at all on the report. My lymph-nodes, and adrenals are free of cancer, and the lesions on my bones have resolved. The scan showed small benign tumors.  I am so grateful to God for his healing, and for this group for the help, support, and information sharing! I know that I must continue the fight to remain healthy, but this is one heck of a milestone to encourage me to stay the course! My doctors were amazed! They all say “whatever it is your’e doing – don’t stop! keep it up”  I am feeling better than I have in many MANY years! I have more energy, and feel so much emotional peace! 
I want you to know that I pray for all of us everyday.  Hang in there, no matter what don’t give up, hold on to your faith.
Warm Regards,
Kristen R.