lymphoma bone cancer

On Sept. 30, 2007, Re: Advanced Lymphoma & Bone Cancer, Jodee wrote:

“Got the P.E.T. Infusion reports on [my daughter] Annette’s lymphoma…
The tumors on her liver, in her chest, stomach, all gone. Dead. Her
bone cancer is still decreasing but also still there. Dr Suarez said…he has
never seen a patient with advanced cancer react like this, from a diet. All of
her blood work is normal. This is the first time in 4 years that this has
happened. I again thank Dr Budwig for everything as well as everyone on this
site…Remember M.D. Anderson. A cancer hospital in Houston, Texas sent her
home in April to die. To anyone, keep doing the protocol. It works.”

Update, Jan. 12, 2008, Jodee wrote:

“Annette’s newest test shows even more improvement. Dr Suarez said even
some of the lesions on the bones are disappearing. She still has some active
cancer in the center of the bones but he said it is still dying out. No lymph
nodes are active. We are still doing the same things, nothing different.