Prostate Cancer-Ritvars

I would like to report a success milestone. My test results are back and they are both NORMAL. I am/was dealing with prostate cancer. My psa is now 3.6 with 17% free, and the AMAS test stands at 33 (normal is anything below 99).

A brief history of how I got to this point:

– This spring I experienced a sudden increase in urinary problems and went for a checkup. In February of this year my psa was 7.4. My urologist made some basic mistakes, but I will shorten a long story. I started doing some of the things recommended by Larry Clapp, and went to a different doctor. In April I was retested, my psa was 6.0 with 17% free, which indicates a 28% risk of cancer.

– I decided to have a biopsy. End of April this showed some cancer in one of 12 probes, with a Gleason score of 6.0. My urologist recommended radioactive seeds, but also said that I had plenty of time to decide or experiment, since this was a slow growing cancer.

– I spent about a month researching various alternatives, and settled on the Budwig protocol about end of May.

– End of June (one month into Budwig) I took a set of base tests to monitor my future progress. My psa was already down to 4.9, with the percent free psa at 17%, which indicates a lower cancer risk (only 20%). At this time I also took the AMAS test, which came in at 141, meaning elevated cancer risk – no surprise there.

– End of September (four months into Budwig) I took these tests again, but it took until now to get the AMAS results, since it was done incorrectly first time. My psa is down to 3.6 (normal) with the % free still at 17%. My AMAS result has dropped to 33, which is well into the NORMAL zone. I would have liked the % free psa to be higher, but the 17% means 20% chance of cancer and 80% chance of no cancer. With the AMAS being so low, I will assume that I am in the 80% category.

Thank you Dr. Budwig, and in particular thanks to the current “angels” Sandra, Ulla and Wilhelm.