Prostate Cancer – Ray M.

On May 21, 2017, Re: Prostate Cancer, Ray M. wrote:
I have/had Prostate Cancer that spread to the bone before it was diagnosed.
I say have/had as Health is not a destination but rather a journey that needs
diligent work all the way !
It was on my left femur from 2008, exactly where I kept my mobile/cell in my left
trouser pocket for the prior 15 years !
Ok, we know all about that now – never wear a microwave device on the body !
After a short course of docs’ drugs, I stopped that therapy before it killed me !
Literally, or so it felt. By that time I had completed several years research into Ca causes/cures,
although ‘cure’ is not the right word – heal would be better.
… for past 4-5 yrs I have been on this BP. Despite ups downs all seems to be going OK.
BP is probably the best single protocol to follow.
I have not had a scan or test for 3 yrs, but the last MRI Bone Scan showed
zero issues on the skeleton it had all retreated back into the prostate.
All Good News.
Actually I only had those tests so as to clock in with NHS UK, as I had retired
to Australia some 20 yrs ago. Otherwise I would expect to be independent of
doctors. My med history is given to encourage you others to stay on BP.
Blessings for a Full Recovery
Ray M.