Prostate Cancer – Julian B.

On May 24, 2017, Re: Prostate Cancer, Julian B. wrote:
I am a 7-year survivor of Gleason 7 stage 3 or 4 (nuclear medicine confirmed metastases to hip and kidney 5 years ago, not visible 4 years ago) with highest PSA of 138 5 years ago. After a complete bladder shut down I was catheterised for 6 months and then had a TURP operation to get back to some normality. This involves removing around 20% of the prostate which was found to be 70% tumour material.

I had been on the Budwig diet since just before the shutdown and have been on it ever since, great improvement in general health but it does not keep my PSA down, I have been on Androgen Deprivation Therapy since the catheterization to do this, the PSA goes down to single digits, usually 1.9 or so, if I don’t have the 3 monthly injection by 6 months it will be in the mid-thirties. 

After reading about a trial of 40 patients of similar age and condition (hormone sensitive Pc ) who were put on 15 grams of dried white button mushrooms daily for 3 months and all reduced PSA by nearly half and two to zero I started on the same thing 3 months ago, when my next ADT injection was due. 

To-day I received the PSA results, point 7 (0.7), the lowest it has ever been!    I have also been able to go up to six hours without a toilet break, and but for hot flashes which wake me up every three hours or so at night (side effect of ADT), I could possibly sleep through.

The mushrooms are from supermarkets, I slice them and dry them in a dehydrator or put the trays in the sun if there is enough, then when they break cleanly they are ground in the coffee grinder, dose works out to a 1/3 cup, 80ml daily which I split for the 2 Fo/Cc mixes where it is undetectable, just bulks it out a fraction. 

I will keep on with the regimen for the next three months and report the results, the trial, by the way, was listed at (  under “white button mushrooms” in their research section under ‘substances’. Hoping this helps some of you with rising PSA and without access to the expensive ADT therapy and all its side effects !! 

 Love and hugs to you all, Julian
Julian B.