Prostate Cancer-Jen

In 2001 my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had metastasis to his back bone also. My husband had been sent home to put his affairs in order as the Doctor said. I put my husband on the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese recipe right away and he still takes it to this day. 6 months after the diagnosis we went back to the doctor, he was surprised to see my husband at all, and then when he examined him he said he could not find anything wrong, they then put him through all the tests and they all came back negative. That is three years ago and we are still cancer free. No we do not like cottage cheese, but have come to tolerate it well. But the flax oil and cottage cheese saved my husband’s life along with the other dietary changes Dr. Budwig recommends. I marvel at the people that come wanting help then pick the procedure apart and want to change it. You don’t change what aint broke. Do it exactly and get well. Now that makes sense to me.