Prostate Cancer-Gene P

In June of 2000 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer via biopsy–2 of 6 snips were found to malignant with a Gleason rating of 6 to 7. The urologist was ready to operate (aren’t most?) and when I asked naively if there weren’t any alternatives he said he could not comment on that(!) which made me
determined to find one.

I came across Dr. Gerson’s, A Cancer Cure, and read whatever else I could find on the subject. … I got a juicer and followed the Gerson protocol – The diet was easy, having been 90% vegetarian for 40+ years and don’t smoke or drink and I took care of myself with what seemed the appropriate vitamins and supplements.

A friend (now passed) with the same affliction mentioned Cliff Beckwith which is how I found the flaxseedoil2 group, and for the past 3 years have seldom missed a day of fo/cc, ordering from Barlean’s who never let me down. I presently weigh 170+ and just completed 79 trips around the sun, as K. Gibran
might have said. The happy ending (or beginning) is that last month an MRI done in Guadalajara showed no signs of cancer in the prostate or elsewhere. However, needless to say, I intend to continue to have my daily fo/cc. And now must consider what I was saved for, not from. Best wishes to all.

Gene P.