Prostate Cancer-David F

In our forum, on October 28, 2018, Re: Prostate Cancer, David F. wrote:

Firstly, I must thank this group for saving my prostate that was diagnosed as having a Gleason 3+3 by a knife wielding, eager, urologist. Three days before the scheduled operation I realized that it would not be reversible and that the chances of loosing my manhood and wearing a diaper for the rest of my life was a real possibility. “Remove it while you are still young,” he said.

I canceled the operation and then started researching this thing called ‘Cancer’, that I had never bothered even considering would be in my life before. My conclusion is that cancer is the result of an inefficient immune system. How do I fix that, considering that I had abused myself for many years.

The result was this group and the great work that Sandra has done to promote the findings of Dr. Budwig.

I started my FOCC regimen and also searched for a decent way to test the condition of my prostate. The doctors kept encouraging me to perform more indignant biopsies especially since my PSA was elevated. It’s the gold test they said. 
The urologists and oncologists will want you to believe that you are about to die but the truth is that almost all men will die from something else, even though they are tested positive for prostate cancer. Those that do die from prostate cancer are a small percentage and have an aggressive cancer that probably could not be stopped once detected. My heart bleeds for them.

After about 2 years I managed to find a 3T MRI machine, 2 hours away, that had prostate analysis software. The message I received from the MRI result was: “Based on these results, we cannot recommend you having a biopsy” which is legal speak for we won’t be able to claim for a biopsy from the medical insurance based on these results. I was smiling, it was 2 years that I had that sword hanging over my head.

Two years later (6 month ago), with more 3T MRI machines becoming available, I repeated the test at a local hospital and the result was essentially the same. “MRI shows your prostate to be small and without any blemishes”. Seems that even the biopsy stab wounds had healed.

About the PSA tests: I found that it will naturally be elevated after ejaculation and best to abstain at least a week before performing the test. Avoid getting caught in the PSA test – biopsy – procedure cycle. The PSA test is the entry test into a medical machine that is finely tuned to extract maximum finances from unsuspecting men. It is widely argued to be a useless test to detect prostate cancer.
I continue to be aware of avoiding a deficient immune system and still maintain my daily FOCC regimen. I preach to other men, many who are uncomfortable with the subject, about what they can expect when they are referred to a urologist because of an elevated PSA test.

Thank You,

David F.