Prostate Cancer-Cicroll

I had biopsy and diagnosed as “Aggressive” for prostate cancer in 7/03 with Gleason Score of 8/10, PSA was 13.2. One of 4 specialists angrily stated I would be dead in 5 years after refusal of his type surgery.

I used Budwig, later adding Small-Flowered Willow Herb Tea to relieve congestion. Also continued use of full range of vitamins and minerals. Used Saw Palmetto Tincture (tinctures works better than pills, including ones from “New Chapter”, most tincture was self-made). Sun-Dried Tomatoes yield highest amount of lycopene. Also juiced using VitaMix. After 2 MRI’s, a Bone Scan and a CAT Scan, l2/03 thru 8/04, none showed presence of PC. Still using Budwig 4/5 times week (and telling all who will listen), Willow tea, saw palmetto tincture, juices, organic coconut and sesame oils, organic veggies, nuts and seeds.

The Small-Flowered Willow, extremely high in betasitosterol, caused increase in immune system that could be felt as “twinges” in femur. Also, I would like to express gratitude to Wilhelm, Sandra, Ulla, and others, who daily maintain this life-saving website.