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My husband was diagnosed by MRI and a needle biopsy in April of 2008 at the age of 70, and is still here, now 79. His liver cancer is still inactive today, nine years later.

A couple of years ago he began experimenting a little and has eaten what he wanted when eating out with friends, and also has an occasional meal at home containing some Budwig-forbidden food such as some meat or a dessert.  After such a meal, he goes back to the usual Budwig diet.  He eats FOCC every other day now to save on the expense of the oil.  So far as we can tell from his 6-monthly tests, these changes have not had an ill effect on his cancer, but he will continue to be tested regularly and of course, become more careful with food, if anything should change for the worse.

At the time of his cancer diagnosis, my husband’s only other problem was diabetes, but that is well under control; years have passed, but he still needs fewer than 10 units of insulin per day.

My husband should have died around 8 years ago, even if treated in the usual ways for liver cancer.  But thanks to God and the Budwig protocol and the caring liver specialist who kept checking on him regularly, which was a great help and encouragement, he is alive today.

We wish peace of mind and success to everyone relying on this protocol.  While, like any cancer treatment, allopathic or alternative, Budwig does not work in every case, it has worked for many, many people with various kinds of cancers.

We would also like to express our thanks to our moderator, Sandra. You have done so much for all of us through the Yahoo Group and your Website.  It is wonderful how you have kept at the moderating work for so many years.  This group did so much to encourage me and my husband, especially in the early days when we weren’t sure if BP was going to work for him and his liver specialist was still from time to time suggesting chemo.

Love to you all!
Janice B.

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Take heart; there is plenty of hope here. I know how awful it feels to have the doctors say that nothing they do will save a loved one, because it happened to my husband regarding his liver cancer. That will be 6 years ago as of this April, and they thought at the time of diagnosis that, with chemo, he might only last 6 months or so, and that he could die much sooner than that without chemo, of course. But here he is!
We are so grateful for that doctor’s honesty because it ended with us finding the Budwig plan in this [flaxseedoil2 yahoo] group, and my husband is in good health today, at nearly 76 years of age. If the doctors admit there is zero chance of a good outcome, it’s time to try something else.

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…In 2008, my husband refused chemo, radiation, and an operation and started on BP almost as soon as he was diagnosed with a primary liver cancer, and he has gotten along just fine with only the advice from the files here and Budwig’s cookbook. His cancer was 5cm in diameter when it was first found, and that was more than 2 years and 4 months ago. He is living a normal life now and feeling good at 72 years of age. The cancer was 1/2 its original size when he had his last ultrasound in May. We fully expect it to continue to shrink, although he wouldn’t mind going on exactly as he is indefinitely, since he has no nausea, rashes, pain, or any other symptom that would mean liver failure. His blood tests all show normal liver function, too.


Janice B.