Pancreatic Cancer

My father was diagnosed in October 2014 with pancreatic cancer and some mets to liver and duodenum. My dad was adamant that he would not have chemo, and the doctors recommended against it due to his age[83]. He had surgery to bypass the tumor in the pancreas so that if/when it grew and pressed against the regular digestive passage he would still be able to digest his food. We thought it was the best option at the time however in hindsight we may not have chosen the surgery, as it has taken him almost 8 months to get his body to learn how to digest via the new passage. Due to his malabsorption of food his weight is down to a very low level. He does take 3 different digestive and pancreatic enzymes to digest his food and destroy the cancer cells…

“On the plus side, he started the Budwig diet in late November and it has been 7 months now and Dad is feeling good…….he golfs 3-4 times a week (he is 83 years old and shot a score of 86 the other day). He is alert and as active as his arthritis allows him to be. Instead of getting weaker, as time goes on he seems to be growing stronger.

“He is also taking various tinctures for liver support, Beta Glucan to build up his immune system, Barley powder to help alkalinize his body, Berberine which has been found effective against pancreatic tumours, Intravenous mistletoe (used in Europe as an alternative for chemotherapy) in conjunction with Vitamin C intravenous. He also drinks Essiac tea before going to bed (which is a cancer cure on its own and is compatible with Budwig).

“It has been a rocky journey at times…..and very emotional, but we remain optimistic. As long as he is feeling well that is all that matters. We were looking for improved quality of life for my father and more time to enjoy our time with him, and the Budwig Protocol seems to have provided that.”