Pancreatic Cancer-Randy T.

On Jun. 26, 2003, Re: Pancreatic Cancer, Randy T. wrote:

I’m not as knowledgeable as many others on this site, but I do believe from reading and talking to others, and personal experience, that the fo/cc does work.  My Dad found out he had pancreatic cancer in January. We used the fo/cc, along with some other things, and it was gone by June. Unfortunately, his heart gave out two weeks ago and he died.

But it wasn’t from the cancer.

I’ve become a believer in this, I take it once a day as a preventive, as I had cancer in 1995. I didn’t know about this then, and fortunately surgery was able to take care of my cancer at that time.

I recommend you read as much as you can, get Dr. Budwig’s books (they are on Amazon), and talk to more than one doctor about traditional care. I found with my Dad that there can be big differences in traditional care from one doctor to the next.
And look through the archives on this site, and contact women who have had breast cancer.
Randy T.