Pancreatic Cancer-Cheryl du Toi

In our group of Budwig protocol users there is a man who had pancreatic cancer. He was operated on in 2003 but had a huge setback with tumor recurrence 9 months after the operation. He was a very ill man with nephritis in his kidney and severe ascites when he first contacted me in March 2004. After five months on the Budwig protocol the tumor disappeared and the ascites as well as the kidney nephritis were all cleared up. He has now been on the Budwig protocol for 18 months and is in perfect health. I think the most important thing is to start very slowly and build up slowly to six tablespoons of oil mixed with 12 tablespoons of [cottage cheese]. Also very important for this man was that he couldn’t eat cooked foods at all, mostly juiced veggies and papaya and pineapple for the digestive enzymes with every meal.

Cheryl du Toi