Ovarian Cancer-Randy

In 2007, Re: Ovarian Cancer, Randy wrote:

In Sept 2005 my wife came to me and said she would rather die than continue with more chemo. She had undergone many operations for her granulose cell tumor(ovarian) and lots of chemo. She appeared very sick and was weak… people that came to visit us at the house were usually very frightened at what they saw. I knew nothing about cancer or its treatments but I knew about the Internet so I started to look. It didn’t take long for me to find the Budwig site and it just made too much sense to me. I’m a simple person and like things that make sense.

We started in Sept 05 and continued on up until christmas time of 2005. We followed the program and juiced even more than BP called for. My wife fought me all the way. It seemed like every other day she would want to quit. I went along for the ride and ate everything she did. She went to a x-mas party (2005) and all the ladies asked my wife what she was up to. She had gone from deaths door to looking better than when I married her in 1997. The transformation was amazing. One weird thing that happened to both of us was our teeth got really white… so white that people started to ask where we had them whitened.

My wife had made an appointment with the doctors back in Sept for the end of Dec. I asked her why she wanted to go and what she would gain. My wife enjoyed the results of BP but never fully got on board mentally. She said that curiosity had gotten the best of her and that whatever they said she would continue the BP. When she came home that day I thought something terrible had happened at the hospital. Her face was white and she wouldn’t talk to me.

Finally, the next day she said the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her and insisted that the chemo from the summer must have worked.

Her usual doctor couldn’t get thru to her so they brought in 2 other doctors. They insisted that she would die if they didn’t continue forward with the chemo… and that she looked so good now was the perfect time to continue(while she was strong). It took me 3 days to calm her down. Then to make matters worse she got into a 2 week argument with my sister and it was all down hill from there. Those two emotional events changed my wife’s attitude.

I warned her what Dr. Budwig said about going back to the drugs and the 2nd time around the BP may not be effective. She had her fears so I supported her in her decision to go back to the hospital. 2006 I saw things happen to my wife’s body that made my friends cry when they came to the hospital to visit her. She changed so dramatically that I wouldn’t have believed it if didn’t see it myself. We buried her on 2/25/07.

I’ve been on the BP since and can’t believe there are people who try and discredit it… that it doesn’t follow any “known” scientific protocol. Why not put it in your body for a few months and find out? I’ve decided to start telling everyone I know and don’t know about the BP. It’s about time that more people know about this healthy lifestyle. I’m not sure how and where this is all going but I have the time to do it. People need to stop suffering.

Randy V.