Ovarian Cancer-Rachael

On Dec. 3, 2007, Re: Ovarian Cancer, Rachael wrote:

I received the results of my CT scans last Thursday. There is NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE!! Every single tumor is gone! I had seven – one was almost 7 cm big!!

My doctors called the results a miracle and said they had only hoped at best to see some shrinkage! While I do have a strong faith and absolutely believe God’s Hand was on me – and that this had nothing to do with chemo- I also have always believed God lead me to BP and that this protocol is SO much a part of my results! Needless to say, my family who was always condemning me for “taking all that oil” and “not eating enough healthy meat” are today wanting to make sure I don’t stop my FO/CC smoothies!! I am so amazed – I cannot stop crying.