Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (since age 17) – Jim A.

On Nov 3, 2003, Re: Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Jim A. wrote:

i have had non hodgkins lymphoma on and off since age 17, i am now 42. I have had heaps of chemo, radiation, surgery and cobalt. Nothing has ever come close to easing the symptoms or the illness. This is my 5th re-occurance and i have decided against any treatment this time, i believe i wouldnt survive another round of chemo {chop}, instead i decided to read everything i could find on alternatives.


A friend sent me an email about a Dr Joanna Budwig and i can honestly say i havnt looked back since.


This time the cancer is in my left leg, i have a large tumor wrapped around my leg like a snake, the swelling was unbelievable as was the pain. My onco warned me that without treatment i would lose the leg and possibly my life, that was 7 months ago, after 1 and a half months on the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and a total change of diet the swelling went away and i could once more walk without the aid of crutches or walking stick, i can even kick a ball around the yard with my son. I dont care how or why this oil and cottage cheese works, i just count my blessings that it does. 


Why are our doctors so blind and arrogant to this fact?



Jim A

Jim A.