Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma-Katherine T.

On January 18, 2019, at 01:22, re: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Katherine T. wrote:  

Hello All, Let me share my husband, Robert’s, Story: He developed Non-hodgkins lymphoma about 15 years ago, (stage 4 with golf ball size tumors on his neck). Doctors insisted on chemo/radiation, which seemed counter intuitive to him.  

Serendipity struck and Rob discovered the Budwig Protocol at a time when his disease was becoming particularly aggressive. (about seven years ago). Robert diligently followed the protocol, to the letter! From the proper preparation of the formula to all diet recommendations, sunlight and exercise requirements etc. Today, according to his doctors, his cancer is considered “non-detectable”. Beside initially using a raw diet recommended by the Hippocrates Institute (which he no longer follows), this was the only “treatment” he used to achieve this.  

And the most amazing thing was that he began improving (the tumors started shrinking in about 3 days), discomfort vanished etc. In our research on Dr. Budwig she did mention that this protocol works very quickly, which is one reason why she was so successful treating patients who had exhausted other options and were considered “lost causes”. In any event, I wanted to offer encouragement by sharing this VERY true and remarkable experience. We were so amazed and overwhelmed by his success that we began using the protocol on pets with cancer, with equally remarkable results.  

Robert is now 70, healthier than before the cancer, and eager to share his experience and help anyone else navigate this scary course. He would be happy to speak with anyone personally. Not sure if I can leave his contact info, or how that works though. One note: Robert is a very disciplined person, and this protocol is very specific in its preparation etc. He has found that most people think it can be modified to their tastes and convenience.  

VERY IMPORTANT: Must be followed exactly as prescribed by Dr. Budwig to be effective. She used NO SUPPLEMENTS! And antioxidents supplements are especially bad as you are trying to oxidate the cells. And the excercise/sunlight component is extremely important, likewise the green drinks. A clean diet goes without saying. 

There is a plethora of very good (and some inaccurate unfortunately) info on the web, good to do the research. So hang in there, I am positive this protocol can heal you also. 

Katherine T.