Myeloma Cancer-Martha

On Dec 24, 2005, Re: Multiple Myeloma, Martha wrote:

My husband was diagnosed with MM in May 2005 and had a terrible spinal cord tumour that was radiated and followed with 4 monthly doses of chemo. He had lost so much weight, muscle mass and was so fatigued all day long and in constant pain all over the body.

We have been on the Budwig Diet now two months and have noticed wonderful changes:

1. The swollen painful lymph nodes he had in his thighs, hands have since disappeared
2. He has put on weight and the black discolourations in his face has smoothed out ( reduced level of toxicity)
3. He has increased energy and the pain has reduced tremendously
4. Suffered a lot from constipation in the past which has since stopped.
5. There is wellness all around.
6. His latest blood test results were so good
7. Another spinal tumour that had formed disappeared too!

His oncologist was pushing him to complete the two months of chemo as he looked so well and strong and would handle chemo better,( because he had traces of MM still) but I put my foot down and said no. In our next appointment, I will tell the oncologist all about the Budwig Diet, the reason why he cannot go back to chemo, to spoil the gains. I have also made efforts on dietary changes – no sugar, milk, white flour, meats, no frying, wholesome foods brown rice, etc. Lots of juicing – carrots/beets/spinach/other greens. Lots of fruits and raw salads -diet basically 75-80% raw.

Please keep with the protocol as much as you can. I truly believe in its healing abilities.

Martha in London