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On June 12, 2007, Re: Multiple Myeloma, Georgeta wrote:

We received all the results back from Mayo clinic for my husband Cony.

just a fast recap on him:
– diagnosed with MM stage III B (Kidney failure) in spring 2005
– doctor proposed chemo & arsenic treatment if chemo won’t work – refused
– went to Mayo, treated by Mayo doctor with steroids (dexamethasone) for 4 months to restore kidney function.
– started taking supplements to boost immune system, eliminated bad foods and drinks (per Dr.Kelley) got in a diet similar to Budwig, (at that time did not know about Budwig protocol).
– had stem cell transplant at the University of Chicago in Oct 2005 (because insurance issue, could not have it at Mayo)
– extremely sick during transplant and after – back in hospital and emergency room several times – almost dead with infections including septicemia. Took tons and medications and antibiotics.
– January 2006 while in hospital again at UC, diagnosed with amyloidosis in his lung, another deadly disease (detected with Congo red on biopsy)
– declared terminal and sent home with advice: put your business in order; 6 month or less to live
– came home extremely sick, unable to eat, sleep, depressed, developed shingles and more infections including on the blood line (triple lumen used for blood work and blood transfusions)

– went back to Mayo clinic for second opinion in the mean time, searching day and night on internet for holistic treatments which could be followed by him in his condition.

Found Budwig books on Internet and later this group. Started protocol partially, not being able to eat normal portions. Gradually went on protocol 100%.


– May 2006 – visit to Mayo – reported results to group – very good, no treatments needed from doctors – no more infections – started to gain back the weight.

Present result: very good partial remission – no need for other treatments – hemoglobin 14.3 from 12.3 last year in May – doctor impressed with physical appearance and vivacity.

She asked…”you just came from a Florida vacation?” (because of the tan)

answer: “No, we are leaving to Cancun in June”.

On August 16, 2007, Re: Update on Multiple Myeloma, Georgeta wrote:

Last week we’ve been again at Mayo for another 3-month visit for my husband Cony with Multiple Myeloma. MM, being such a devastating disease, needs constant monitoring. After reviewing the blood test results and the 24-hour urine test result, doctor told us: no trace of cancer. This was the first time we heard these words. You can imagine the joy and the hope we felt.

Although the cancer is still seen in the blood work (minimum), we know we are on the best path for someone in this situation. His life changed completely, in fact now.. he has a life. Our neighbors were used to see ambulances to our door. Now they see Cony with our 2 Bichons bathing in sun, reading and drinking his juices. What a difference. Although Cony had only 2 days of chemo in his life (that’s all for the transplant) that chemo almost killed him. When we went and talked with the doctor about the transplant, before it happened, we heard only how successful these transplants are. When we found

out that the transplant did not put him in remission we heard from the same mouth of our doctor that lots of people die during the transplant, so to be greatful. Stories change very fast during treatments.

So, we are happy with the present results and hope to keep this horrible cancer under control for many years. Ilona, please be encouraged by our story and follow the protocol entirely. It works even for myeloma. Don’t listen to doctors

and don’t read statistics. It’s a waste of time and they depress you not encourage you.

Much health to all,