Migraine Headaches-Margaret

On Jun. 30, 2007, Re: Migraine Headaches, Margaret wrote:

Three weeks ago when Syd and I started on BP for his St 4 PC w/meds, we wrote to ask if Flaxseed oil might help with migraines. Several of you wrote back quickly with a firm “yes” from your experience.

Our 20 year old daughter has had migraines since she was 11 and was on 100mg of Topomax daily for several years – not only did she not want to be tied to a Rx for life but it is very expensive – around $300 per month. She began taking

1 Tablespoon of the oil each night – just drank it followed by a glass of milk.

She had to slowly back off the Topomax cutting down 25 mg at a time until she was off. In the past if she cut down to 75 mg she would get a migraine immediately. This time – no migraines at 75, 50, or 25. Then a couple of days ago she quit the drug completely – and Praise the Lord – no migraines. She did get a regular headache one day – but that was due to stress at work and the headache left once she got home.

We are so happy to be able to report this amazing success.
Thanks to everyone on this board for all the fantastic information we gain by reading the posts.
Margaret & Syd