Malignant Meningioma – March 2015

In December 2009, I found out that I had a malignant meningioma (tumor in the lining of the brain). I had it removed, but was told that it would come back. I had 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. Then I learned about following an anti-cancer diet, removing stress, the Budwig protocol, etc. I did lots of reading. Whatever I learned that I was able to implement, I did.

I had all my dental work redone to remove mercury and clean out the cavitations. I cut out all the junk from my diet and only ate what was good for my body. I had the flax seed oil/cottage cheese mix everyday.

I was told by my oncologist that it was not a matter of if the tumor would return. It was just a matter of when it would return. This past December, I reached the 5 year anniversary of when this all began. I met with my oncologist. He told me that having reached the 5 year mark, it is very likely now that the tumor will NOT return.