Male Breast Cancer-Rebecca J.

On January 23, 2008, Re: Male breast cancer, high blood pressure & heart problems, Rebecca J. wrote:

My husband and I have been following the Budwig protocol for nearly four years now. I do not have cancer but my husband has/had male breast cancer, diabetes type 2, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart problems. He had radical mastectomy surgery in June 2004 and the cancer had infiltrated the chest wall and progressed to his lymph glands. He refused chemotherapy, hormone treatment and all ‘anti cancer’ drugs offered and has relied almost exclusively on Budwig since diagnosis. He did however accept a course of radiotherapy after surgery with very unpleasant side effects.

We try to follow the programme as faithfully as possible but have had a few serious lapses with resulting hikes in blood test results…however he has never suffered a day’s illness or pain and his diabetes is under control (he stopped taking medication for this two years ago but continues with beta blockers for the time being as it requires medical supervision to wean off them and we have enough problems with our doctor without yet another battle just yet).

I can’t say he is cured but he exhibits no obvious signs of breast cancer and appears to be in good health for a 75 year old.

I too suffered from high blood pressure and arthritis and believe the protocol has lowered the BP and eased the pain in my knees, shoulders, wrists and hips. I do not take any medication. I do still suffer at night but if I stop Budwig for even a couple of days the pain becomes much worse.

Rebecca J.