Lung Cancer-Joy

On Jun. 2, 2013, Re: Lung Cancer, Joy wrote:

I have NSCLC, diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with 2 tumors in the right lung, some involvement with my thyroid and a lymph gland near it..I was never told what stage I was, only that I would die in 9 months if I refused surgery, chemo and radiation, which I refused. 3 months after starting Budwig the Thyroid & Lymph gland involvement disappeared & the tumors in my lung stopped growing and remained stalled in growth until 6 months ago when a PET scan showed the tumors were ‘greatly diminished’. I have felt perfectly normal all this time and lead an active life…

Update On Mar. 18, 2014:

Fabulous news! My recent CAT scan reported: ‘no evidence of neoplastic disease’ (no lung cancer). I’m amazed! My last scan in Oct showed the two tumors in my right lung (non small cell adenocarcinoma) simply stalled in their tracks…all my scans for the past 3 2/3 yrs have shown the same thing- but now a CAT scan just 4 1/2 months later can find no cancer at all. I’m thrilled! YAAAY!! Keep doing the Budwig protocol- it works!