Liver Cancer-Tracy

On June 18, 2011, Re: Liver cancer, Tracy wrote:

My husband was diagnosed with primary liver cancer and just had his ONE YEAR check up and MRI. All tumors have decreased in size and enhancement. The enhancement shows the viability of the tumor and all have 0-25% enhancement. Next check up is two months. We are elated with the results. Budwig works!!!!”

Previously, on May 23, 2011, Tracy wrote:

I just want to give an update on my husband who was diagnosed with HCC- primary liver cancer one year ago today. First of all I don’t think he would be here today without Budwig. He has gone through 5 trans arterial chemo embolizations to the liver, one cycle of 3 rounds of systemic chemo…He has stuck to this diet for 11 months. The first 5 months he wasn’t getting enough FOCC because he was only getting it once a day. After the scare with what we thought was mets, he became religious with the budwig protocol. His AFP which is the tumor marker for liver cancer, started out at 183, June 2010. Today it is 31.5 He is feeling great!!!!! I don’t want to forget that prayer is a big part of his success.

The diet works!