Liver Cancer-Ian

Just thought I’d drop a line to tell you of my new scan results from my scan on Dec 18th. My previous scan (October 2nd) had shown an increase in the size of a tumour on my Liver from 8mm to 33mm in 12 weeks. I did not get told about this for 6 weeks and it was the first time I had been told of a tumour on my Liver.

So I got back onto the Budwig Protocol immediately and stuck to it vigorously. I had my next scan 5 weeks after hearing my previous scan result so had 5 weeks of Budwig Protocol and the results today show that the tumour on my Liver is now “”Inconspicuous”” and the Consultant said he actually couldn’t show me it on my scan because he couldn’t find it! All other tumours were “”Stable”” apart from one Lymph node which had grown slightly to 14mm.

The hospital said they were very happy with the results and said it was everything we could have hoped for. As you can imagine I too am very happy, I honestly went in expecting the worst. To cap it all off when I left the hospital (and I promise I’m not making this up) there was a huge Rainbow in the sky right in front of me! Far from feeling complacent however, we are now stepping up our Raw food consumption and have bought a water filter to make our water better. More juicing too.