Liver Cancer-Cindy

On April 11, 2017, Re: Liver Cancer, Cindy wrote:
My husband does Essaic tea that I buy from Oregon, Wild Harvest.  I cook and store in amber bottles in the fridge and he drinks a cup at bedtime every night.  He also does infrared sauna every morning and he does the FULL Budwig Protocol.
He has cirrhosis, inoperable liver cancer from Hepatitis we think he got in 1989 from back surgery, no one knows though, His portal vein was blocked also.  He was told he was incurable and that Nexavar might make him live a few weeks longer.  He had taken it for 10 days at this point.  He was told option to call Hospice.  He was on two narcotics in hospital for 8 days, was gray and looked like he would die any time.  
That was in Octobler 2015. By Decemeber he had thrown all medications in the trash.  He has no pain and takes NOTHING but food and herbal teas.
Today we are in Florida where he rides his motorcycle, takes his boat out deep sea fishing, and just got done sealing our huge driveway.  He barely got out of bed in Oct to eat anything.  He has gained weight and looks very good, although still thin for him.   His color has returned and there isn’t much he doesn’t do that he wants to do.
I can tell you he gives all healing Glory to God as well as the Budwig Protocol.  I pray he continues to strengthen each and every day.