Laryngeal Cancer-Lindsley S.

On March 19, 2018, re: Laryngeal Cancer, Lindsley S. wrote:

Dear Ones,
    I have news, great news to share today. I have not posted in quite awhile but some of you may remember me and my postings about my husband’s diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. Back in December we were given the grim news that his tumor was coming close to blocking his airway.
The oncologist said it was certain death if he did not take action. So we agreed to having modern interventions and modern conventional treatments and I continued giving him the protocol as closely as possible, putting it through a peg tube. ( one of the modern interventions)
    Today exactly 3 months later to the day we returned to the ENT who said. “It is remarkable, there is no evidence of the tumor.” He said keep doing what you are doing but did not inquire what we were doing.
    My husband is a long way from full recovery, but we are praising God, the Budwig protocol, and yes modern interventions, and treatments that have saved his life. You see in his case all of these were needed.
     Thank you to all for your support. You have helped me these many months through answering questions, sharing your stories,  sharing your strength, your wisdom, and your love.
Lindsley S.
Lindsley S.