Kidney [Mets to Bone] Cancer-Ray S.

On May 3, 2017, Re: Kidney and Bone cancer, Ray S wrote:
Well I just got back from the oncologist with good news.
A Brief History
About July last year I discovered that I had a tumor in my chest that was eating away my sternum.  A biopsy confirmed cancer likely metastasized from the kidney and a subsequent CT scan confirmed a small tumor (<2cm) on my kidney.  The oncologist seemed to think this was going to kill me.
I talked to a friend who had liver cancer and had been sent home to die by the regular medical establishment and she pointed me at … starting the FO/CC Budwig protocol (not the full deal) on September 25th.  The oncologist had me get five radiation treatments and started me on a drug called Sutent which in a matter of ten days had changed my heart rhythms to the point he took me off it for fear it would cause and irreverseable heart attack.  Then he put me on something called Inlyta and all the time I was doing the FO/CC daily using one serving made with 2 oz of flaxseed oil and 4 oz of cottage cheese and some 2% milk (2 oz) to thin the mixture, honey and various fruits.  The first cat scan with a contrast agent showed reduction but the oncologist presumed the reduction was due to the radiation.  Meanwhile the Inlyta was killing me, taking me down slowly, slurred speech, some memory loss and confusion and general reduction in energy.  He finally took me off that when my wife pointed out that it seemed to be killing me.
Recently I added the sauerkraut juice in the morning using a commercial juice.  And I had a CT-scan on Monday.  Today I got the results … the tumor in the chest is further reduced from a image diameter of 2.2 cm to an image diameter of 1 cm.  Volumetrically that’s about a ten to one reduction in total tumor volume.  I’m thrilled.  The oncologist knows what I’m doing which is mostly a combination of FO/CC and a Biomat heating pad and a bit of Turmeric in capsules, one per day.
Very pleased with this result and I hope it continues. I wanted to share it with the group.
Ray S.
Second Message from Ray on May 3, 2017:
Thank you Sandra and all!  I credit the FO/CC with the reduction and we’ll see what time reveals as we go forward.  My wife and I just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary and she says if I don’t make 50 she’ll kill me and never speak to me again!  So I’m seriously motivated to keep going.
I’m going to try to get a bit more “purist” on the Budwig protocol.  I’ve started doing sauerkraut juice first thing in the morning and mixing about a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in a mixture of sauerkraut juice and V8 in the evening.  When I do the FO/CC I add two tablespoons of ground flaxseed to the emulsion along with the fruit.
I was actually quite surprised with the degree of improvement the CT-scan showed.  I’m also taking some medication for bone regeneration since the tumor was destroying my sternum and the doctor painted a rather gloomy picture of ribs detaching from the breastbone if the condition didn’t reverse.
He’s a good guy but I think he’s in denial when it comes to attributing improvement to what I’m doing, but since all the rest has been quite negative except possibly the radiation, I’m inclined to see it as a win for Budwig.
Ray S.
Ray S.