Kidney Function-Kathy

On Dec. 4, 2010, Re: Kidney Function, Kathy wrote:

I have other health problems besides my cancer. I had gone into kidney failure not long before I was diagnosed with cancer. My kidney doctor said my kidneys would continue to fail or stop but not get better. I went on Budwig for the cancer. A side affect was my kidney function test started to change just a smidge. The doctor said well maybe a fluke or someone at the lab but my kidneys were not getting better. I’ve been on Budwig for 1 yr now. I ended up getting released to see the doctor every 3 months. So this last kidney function test my kidneys gained back 20% function. My kidneys are now functioning at 70%. The doctor said he has no idea what happened…lol He is amazed!! I’m now released to go every 6 months.