Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ER&PR+ – Marlene E.

On Sep 3, 2015, Re: Invasive ductal carcinoma ER&PR+, Marlene E. wrote:
I was diagnosed nearly 2.5 years ago with invasive ductal carcinoma ER&PR+ 
I refused all surgery chemo and Radiation. For the first 8 months I spent an absolute fortune on supplements, naturopaths, IV’s, etc. Then I heard about the Budwig diet. I now just do the Budwig diet with lots of flaxseeds etc and I am doing really good. I do homeopathy to help out with my hormones. I still have my tumour which seems smaller which I monitor with thermograms ( I am due one) and I also do regular Navarro tests . 
I also avoid stress, it is a big factor … About a year ago we had an issue with our daughter which was stressful and the tumour grew … But when I unstressed, it went back down so the Budwig diet is great for breast cancer !!!!
Marlene E.