Esophageal Cancer-Kimball L

I have a story I am excited to share. I have esophageal cancer, one of the more deadly cancers you can get. The American Cancer Society says that in 2006, 14,550 Americans will be diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer and 13,770 deaths will result from the disease. Not very encouraging statistics. I was first diagnosed in late 2002 and had my entire esophagus removed in 2003. Follow up tests showed my cancer had reoccurred in May of last year. I was told that no matter what I did I likely would have only 2, possibly 3 years to live at best. In September I traveled from my home in Salem, Oregon to Houston, Texas to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for treatment. I did 6 weeks of chemo and radiation ending on November 3rd of 2006.

My follow up scan and biopsy just a few days before Christmas showed that the cancer was still there and I was told that none of my options left were good ones. They had a surgeon look at my scans and he said there was still too much cancer there so surgery was not an option. I was going to die. I was offered more chemo but I was told it would not cure me so I declined. As a 40 year-old single father with a 13 year-old daughter, I was depressed.

Determined to prove the doctors who had given up on me wrong, I started studying alternative cancer treatments. I spent hundreds of hours reading books, internet, anything I could get my hands on. I found the Budwig diet and believing that the science behind it made sense, I jumped in with both feet the beginning of January 2007. I followed the diet to the letter and used the knowledge I learned from this group but I was a terminal cancer patient and I was unsure if the diet would help me.

Tuesday of this week I had a PT scan here in Salem, Oregon so my new, local oncologist could have an idea of where we stood. I met with him yesterday (Friday) to get the results. Fearful that the biopsy in December may have spread the cancer, I was extremely nervous! The doctor walked into the room and tossed my file on the table in front of me and with a grin on his face said to me, “The scan shows absolutely no sign of cancer.” I said, “You must be kidding me!”

He said he couldn’t explain it but the cancer that was there in December was not showing up on the scan they did this Tuesday. He said something could still be there but the fact that it was not showing up was good news. I asked him what he thought happened and he said it didn’t make sense and logically he couldn’t explain it. He knew I was doing something “alternative” but has never shown an interest in it. He did say that whatever I was doing, keep doing it.

He said he would do another scan in 6 months but I should be encouraged. He may not be able to explain it but I am convinced that following the Budwig protocol to the letter as well as prayer and a good attitude had everything to do with this clean scan.

I must admit, I am a little surprised that this happened after just 7 weeks on the Budwig plan. Considering how bad the December scan looked and how negative the doctors were, I would have thought it would have taken much longer. Why doesn’t this doctor want to know everything he could learn about my “alternative” method of dealing with my cancer? Who cares!

This is no time to let my guard down! I will continue to do what I have learned from this group and I expect my scans to continue to be clean. The doctors can continue to shake their heads but I know what is responsible. Thanks to everyone in this group that has offered advice. You may have helped save my life! Those of you that are still somewhat skeptical about this diet, I am proof that it can work on even the most discouraging situations. I spent Christmas trying to plan the last year or two of my life and now it appears I may have much longer than I or any of the “expert” doctors thought I would. Go figure! NEVER GIVE UP!

Kimball L.