Dog’s Terminal Cancer-Julie

I have joined this group because I am so grateful to have found the B.P. as our 10 yr old Staffie ‘Alfie’ was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in February 2011. Our vet showed me photographs of the surgery revealing 3 very large tumours wrapped up amongst his intestines; they were inoperable and he could offer him no other treatment, giving him weeks, maybe a few months to live. Actually he asked me if I wanted him brought round from the anesthetic or not! We agreed to bring him around and I brought him home. That evening I ‘stumbled’ upon Dr. Johanna Budwig’s wonderful work and decided to go ahead. Alfie reached his 10th birthday in August and to this day is full of energy and wonderfully well, showing a great improvement and looking years younger. My vet is thrilled and amazed.