Diabetes -Type 2

I posted last week asking if any T2 diabetics could tell me when to expect feeling better. I have other health issues too.Since then, I have found and accessed the files. I am well into my second week, and two days ago, I began to feel some energy. Before, I had difficulty walking from the couch or bed to the bathroom. I was really ill. Today, I walked the dog twice, about a quarter mile each time – not a lot, but a start. Yesterday, I was able to do some light household tasks, and today I am out pulling weeds. My husband is astounded and asked if he could do the Budwig diet too. I was only too happy to oblige, since it was a temptation having to cook meat for him.

Also, I mentioned I had suffered from delayed sleep onset syndrome for over thirty years – my days and nights were completely reversed. Now, I am up at dawn and in bed by 10 pm. I am so thrilled! It’s so wonderful to drink my buttermilk out on the patio and hear the birds. I am very grateful for this.

For the first three days, I had to get my husband to bring me the cottage cheese and flax oil and my seed grinder, since I was too weak to stand at the counter to do it. I had to do it on the couch. Now I am making the Budwig meals for both if us.

I think the daylight and sunshine helped tremendously. I had avoided the sun almost completely all my life, but ate a great deal of dairy, so was really upset to discover I had osteoporosis. So I decided to at least get out into daylight, and did, in the early morning. Now, I can take a little sun. There has been no burning. My skin is vanilla cream instead of deathly white.

This has been so rapid. I had already begun making funeral plans. I am not out of the woods, but I seem a little stronger each day.

My BG is coming down ever so slowly. Hopefully, that will stabilize too.

I will never stop this diet. It satisfies every craving I have. I am never hungry – I have a hard time eating all the food. I did add a green smoothie a day with greens, water and berries.

I am using the buckwheat (which I love), and millet, and bulgur, so far, and my husband likes these too (but not as much as I do). He is looking to bring his blood pressure down and then get off the blood thinners. He is working with our doc, who has to monitor his blood in case it thins too much.

So, this has been my progress so far. My mood has improved as well.