Diabetes and Cancer

Here is a very brief history from diagnosis June 2004 until today about my husband’s health–

Male breast cancer ( also diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure) Dx June 2004. Invasive ductal carcinoma, 4 out of 19 lymph nodes affected Medical treatment Mastectomy, radiotherapy ( radiotherapy temporarily damaged throat)

Oncologist recommended chemotherapy and tamoxifen but he declined.

Commenced Budwig protocol July, 2004

Almost immediate results… blood pressure dropped, diabetes normal, large lump on elbow disappeared and he felt in excellent health. Additions to basic diet. Red grape juice on waking every morning, green tea, carrot and apple juice daily. We are as strict with the diet as is humanly possible, we NEVER miss the morning FO/CC mix but he always drinks two or three glasses of red wine daily and eats organic chicken and fish occasionally. No supplements or artificial vitamins etc.

October, 2006

After two years and five months on the Budwig program for cancer and diabetes I am very happy to report that my husband’s latest blood tests show NO EVIDENCE at all of diabetes (he was previously diagnosed as type 2 diabetes) and NO EVIDENCE of cancer. He takes no medication for cancer and stopped medication (metformin) for the diabetes three months ago as it was causing serious stomach pains). Thank you Dr Budwig.